Find harmony with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  

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Body. Mind. Spirit…united

Improve your health

Access a part of yourself with answers to questions you’ve always had and receive instantaneous healing when needed and appropriate.

Meet your higher self

Begin to see for yourself with a much clearer understanding of the why of every situation as well as the what with the power of your Higher Self. 

Achieve new balance

Access your Sub Conscious (also called your Higher Self) to unlock knowledge that you didn’t know you had, see the world in a clearer, more pure way, and find the balance you need to thrive.

Discover your true self

Through QHHT, tap into your Higher Self to learn more about who you are, how you became you, and what the best version of you could possibly be. Elevate your consciousness for clarity.

QHHT provides profound insights.

With its focus on finding deeper meaning, unlocking inner power, and tapping into the reality of past lives, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) enables you to discover the forces that continue to impact your life, your health, and your decisions. Whatever brings you to QHHT, you will leave with a new clarity about your life’s purpose. 

Most clients express a desire to better understand the “hows” and “whys” of life: How did I get to where I am? Why is my life like it is? More importantly, QHHT can help you find the best path as you continue your journey through this life…and into the next.  Whether you’re grappling with addiction, life-threatening disease, or chronic conditions like pain and depression, Patti can guide you through these challenges to help you discover a better life. 

The theraputic value of hypnotherapy is recognized by the American Psychology Association, and for thousands of QHHT clients every day, the techniques developed by Dolores Cannon and practitioners of this art continue to help lead them to brighter, deeper, fuller futures.

Client Testimonials

Here is what a few of Patti’s clients have to say about their past lives explorations through QHHT. 


My experience has already provided me with great insight into my Soul Purpose( which I was struggling with prior) and also provided me with pain relief I had been experiencing my entire life!…I drove over 5 hours from my home for my session with Patti and it was absolutely worth it! Thanks Patti for this wonderful experience! You’re truly a Light!


Patti is such a kind gentle soul. Her interview process was leisurely and like catching up with an old friend. But her careful listening skills were demonstrated in the way she gently coaxed my mind into addressing those harmful, negative words we lock away in the deepest parts of our mind….She is a true healing soul that everyone should feel comfortable opening up to.


I lived as a woman ShipWright/Architect in England. Where I lived with my husband and two kids. My Husband served as the go-between for me and the men in the shipyard….I gained clarity to some very perplexing questions! I am the MOST integrated I have ever felt in my whole life. My heart feels clear.

Unlock your inner power!

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

QHHT is a beautiful technique that takes a person to past lives through a deep level of hypnosis, allowing them to view physical trauma, emotional trauma or negative patterns that have that has carried into their current lifetime, and allows the Higher Self to heal those wounds.

Patti Donahoe utilizes the techniques pioneered by Dolores Cannon to help individuals find the peace, balance, and healing they need to grow and thrive. Through a deeper understanding of our higher selves, we enrich our knowledge, our lives and relationships. 


Open the book on hidden histories with past life regression

PLR and QHHT go hand in hand

For thousands of years, enlightened individuals from faith practices around the world have understood how experiences from one life follow us to the next. Buddhists and Hindus understand this as Karma. For individuals who come from other backgrounds, the idea of past lives can be foreign.

Utilizing time-tested techniques, Patti will lead you through past life regression, where you will confront traumas from previous lives,  recognize behavior patterns that follow from existence to existence, or even visit spiritual realms occupied between lives.

While exploring past lives, it is not uncommon to visit future selves or planes of existence that transcend this one. The result of this exploraiton is a deeper, richer understanding of where you are now, how you got to here…and how you can move forward with a more informed point of view.

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About Patti

Patti worked in the music industry for years, but she always knew there was more she was meant to do. From a young age, Patti read the stories of Edgar Cayce and was fascinated with the ideas of past lives. As she matured, she came to realize she was an empath with a deeply intuitive sense of helping others.

Later, she discovered Dolores Cannon and QHHT. Not only did she suddenly understand herself on a deeper level, she realized life was much richer than any of us realize. These self-discoveries put her on the path to fulfilling her life’s purpose. Patti took QHHT training with Julia Cannon, Dolores Cannon’s daughter in Europe and the US.

Patti is a Level-3 Certified QHHT practitioner and has guided individuals through hundreds of sessions to find healing, achieve clarity, and maintain peace. Recently, Patti has begun to incorporate Reiki into some of her sessions as she continues her spiritual growth. As word of her practice continues to spread, she experiences the wonder that is the richness of past lives and the miracle of the higher self.