Client Testimonials

  • Christi Dortch recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

It has been a long time since I have allowed myself the benefits of hypnosis; I am very glad I returned to this helpful process with Patti. She is such a kind gentle soul. Her interview process was leisurely and like catching up with an old friend. But her careful listening skills were demonstrated in the way she gently coaxed my mind into addressing those harmful, negative words we lock away in the deepest parts of our mind.
In addition, the care and concern she offer post visit is unlike anything I have experienced before. She is a true healing soul that everyone should feel comfortable opening up to.


  • Abbey Parker recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

My session with Patti was an amazing experience. I felt very comfortable with speaking with her and was able to fully relax during the hypnosis. After the session, I felt refreshed and more confident in decisions about my life.


  • Ed Bazel recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

Patti was amazing at guiding me, a somewhat skeptic, though the fascinating process of QHHT.   She is gentle, non-judge mental and a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her and QHHT to better understand your life – both past and present!



  • Bev Lawson recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

Patti is a passionate practitioner devoted to helping others find their “light”.  Her relaxed, reflective presence creates a calming, introspective experience through one’s journey to
seek and discover.



  • Gene Skaggs recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

I had a session and the insights I gathered have given me a healthier way of interacting with others. Her love encompasses the session and allows your guides to reach you at a higher level.



  • Jan Meyers recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

Patti is a compassionate, insightful soul with a mission to help people heal.
I strongly support and endorse this incredible woman.



  • Leanne Walter recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

It’s a warm and welcoming space, comfortable and safe. Patti is very easy to talk to, even the first time meeting her, she feels so familiar. We had a good long chat, and she knew I was nervous about not going under that well since coming out of a long difficult period of loss and grief. She worked with that, tucked me in for the ride, and the next thing I know I’m back in the year 1784! It was amazing what was remembered, seen, and felt details so clear I could draw scenes and people from that life. My higher self said some interesting things too, and so far, the physical ailment I had has not acted up at all since the session. It was also revealed to us the past life death memory that was causing it. This was the first step on a long journey for me and I definitely plan to be back soon for many more sessions.



  • Chuck Fletcher recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

Patti is wonderful. So easy to talk to, she makes the environment and experience such a relaxing experience. We have a lot of the same experiences through life, so felt like reconnecting with an old friend. The experience itself was very interesting, I was aware of things going on. Once the session was done, it was like waking from a dream. I could remember some of what happened, but the longer I was up the more of it drifted away. I’ll be curious to see what happens when I listen to the session again. Definitely suggest doing this if you are curious and want to experience it. 10 out 10 from me! thank you Patti!!



  • Rhonda Tipton Whiting recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

Patti is the perfect soul to begin or continue with on your enlightenment path.  She has the best personality and home environment to make you feel

Safe and secure in a hypnosis experience, which was very important to me as this was my first hypnosis experience. My experience has already provided me with great insight into my Soul Purpose (which I was struggling with prior) and also provided me with pain relief I had been experiencing my entire life! She also provides you with a recording of your session to return to as needed. I drove over 5 hours from my home for my session with Patti and it was absolutely worth it! Thanks, Patti, for this wonderful experience! You’re truly a Light!



  • Tracey E Barnes recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

No more numbness or swelling in my hands when I wake up! Still have stiffness but it’s getting better every day!!! Mornings have always been the worst for me because of limited use of my hands but now I can pour a cup of coffee with one hand and not spill a drop! Thank you for helping me to heal my own body!!  God had blessed you with an amazing gift!! I cherish you! Thank you!!



  • Deborah Elizabeth Buchanan recommends Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT of Nashville.

An amazing session with Patti at QHHT of Nashville!  Am ready to come back again and go further. Thank you, Patti!


  • Mary Ansel

Patti is exceptional.  I was very anxious and skeptical entering into this experience with Patti. She made me feel immediately at ease.  As I asked questions and shared information with skepticism, she was patient, supportive and understanding. Ultimately, Patti led me through a beautiful learning experience that contributed to healing in my life almost instantly. Patti will tell you that you will be more relaxed than you have ever been!  She is correct! I encourage you to connect with Patti should you feel led to do so.  She is amazing!


  • Amie Harrie

I had an amazing experience with Patti. She took me through a few past lives and did some healing as well. She made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to open up to her. I highly recommend a session with her. Thank you again Patti for this amazing experience


  • Vandita A

Patti is so fantastic. She immediately made me feel at ease and is so comforting and nonjudgmental. Her energy is calm, grounding, and uplifting. My session was awesome & I took away messages that are going to change my life for sure. So grateful for her!


  • Jenny Constant

I’m so grateful that Patti is providing such a wonderful and valuable opportunity to experience this deeply healing process.  Her professionalism along with her soft and calming demeanor created an atmosphere that allowed me to feel safe and secure.  Highly recommend!!!


  • N. P.

Patti is such a beautiful soul and puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Her energy and guidance through the entire process was exactly what I needed for my first time under hypnosis.


  • K
    Patti was amazing!! I’ve gone to see her twice in the last year and the sessions get better each time. It was so helpful, enlightening and fun, and Patti is such a caring and kind professional. 5 stars for sure!


  • Gracie Calvaneso
    Patti is amazing! She helped me uncover the root causes to so many things I’ve been struggling with. She is patient and kind and compassionate. I have been recommending her to everyone I know!! Seriously, if you’re reading this and even considering it, go do it- it’ll change your life!!


  • Mary West
    This was my first QHHT session and really didn’t know what to expect.  Patti made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked through the door.  It was an amazing session and I feel very fortunate to have found her. I will definitely be back to have additional sessions with her.


  • We Are Energy Beings
    This was my third QHHT session with Patti Donahoe: I’m grateful and truly appreciative of the sessions I had with Patti and plan to have more sessions in the future.


  • Seth Morgan
    I’m not sure where to start. Patti is amazing. This experience I just went through has put me at a loss of words. I would recommend this to anyone, truly a beautiful practice. Thank you, Patti.


  • Katie Strange
    This is a great technique and Patti is wonderful.


  • Rick G
    A wonderful and interesting experience! I highly recommend, I learned a lot about myself.


  • Twin Modo
    From the moment I pulled into Pattis’s driveway and stepped on her front door I felt a sense of relief. I felt completely at home. Patti is very easy to talk to the point I felt like I was telling her my whole life story. I struggled a bit with the hypnosis part, but Patti stuck with me and helped me drop my ego and just let go of everything. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for answers about past lives or just dad to day questions on whether you are on the right career or how to live a more fulfilling life. It was a wonderful experience!


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